I'm Not Useless

Okay guys! This is fairly important. This blog is on Hiatus untill the 10th of August because Mun will be at a youth camp from this saturday till the following sattturrrday. I probably wont be able to update at all as I am camping but we’ll see.


Mun will be at hyper japan this friday, London Hyper Japan at the excel centre dressed as Hipster Prussia as you can see over there. So If you find me then feel free to come and say hey. I’ll be wandering aroung with a hipster England.




Okay so I was re-watching Hetaoni (because I hate myself I guess) when I decided to do some math.

Each number on the floor represents the number of survivors in the group that have reached that room. Therefore, each number is a different time loop. I counted them, (but knowing me I probably over or under counted, so give or take a few), and got 83. 

That means Italy has been through at least 83 time loops. 

But I’m not stopping there! I multiplied 83 by five, assuming that the average time loops lasts about five days. Then, I divided that by 365, the number of days in the year. I got a total of 1.136. That means Italy has been going through this for about… a year. Which is sad. But you wanna know what makes it worse?

That’s only counting the number of times he’s made it to this room.  

  • (◕‿◕✿)

Not only that, but there are a couple 1’s on the ground, meaning that only Italy made it to the room. But we learned in the earlier scene that you need a least like three people to enter the room. (2 on certain numbers, one to click the switch.)

That means Italy had to drag the bodies of his friends up here on more than one occasion


hello, dear. I stopped by to say hello and ask you: how are you?


Thanks for asking

MA: 10/10

I ship you with soo many people. Too many. Gilbert(he likes cute things), Antonio(likes cuties and balances you), Mathew(balance again but also he's cute and youre cute and he's quiet but he could kick some ass and you could be cute bad asses together... And he could brig out your sweet side), Alfred (you could be dorks together.)


hold up a second. I do not have a sweetside. and anyways those people would never like me let alone come near me. thanks for trying dumbass.

M!A; 9/10

hey little daddy let me whisper in your ear *leans over* you are a very valuable person and I really care about you *kisses cheek shyly* ((I have a giant squish on the mun of this blog as well))


I feel loved

M!A: 8/10

//d’awwww nonny thank you!!//

Were you surprised when you were assigned to the hufflepuff house?


Its not something I can say you know…

M!A: 7/10

Can I have a hug?


no hugs for you

m!a 6/10



” … nothing happend … please stay quite … ”

M!A cat: 7/9

Lovi, I think someone stole my Firebolt from the broom room! [panicked expression]


Who ever took your broom stick will be eaten alive hahahahahahah

Now fess up who took the pretty girls broom? come on now..

Magic anon 5/10

Hi. *squints* Is it me or are your eyes glowing....


But whats new with you… 

magic anon 4/10